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CMS, SEO, SSL - What does it all mean?

The web design and online marketing industry is full of abbreviations, and words that can be quite confusing. We've developed a glossary to try and define some of the most common phrases for you. You can find some examples below.

CMS - Content Management System: a control panel that allows users to publish, modify, and organise their website.

SEO - Stands for Search Engine Optimisation and very simply refers to the practice of tweaking website coding and content to achieve the highest possible search engine ranking.

SSL - Secure Socket Layer - The standard technology for securing a connection between a computer and a website. An 'SSL Certificate' will give your website the 'HTTPS' and green padlock symbol.

Cache - Every time you do anything on your computer, it stores this in memory so that the next time you try to do the same thing, it happens quicker than having to wait from scratch. The place where it stores all this is called the "cache".

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