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Our New Server

Reliability, Security and Speed:

Due to a rising demand from our clients and an ever increasing number of active projects we have had to take on an additional server.

The migration of our sites from our previous host seemed like a monumental task with around 300 websites to move. With Charlotte and Lewis driving the task the majority was completed in a few days. There was zero downtime and all settings were retained.

Server Specification:

The new server comes with an Intel Xeon, 12 core processor and packed with over 30 Gb of RAM! With 2 terabytes of storage, and off site backup solutions, the new server certainly packs a punch.

Reliability is paramount to us and so we have invested in a RAID1 SSD solution. This is known as “mirroring”, and as the name implies, data is wholly written on each drive, creating a mirrored copy of everything. Each file is fully written on drive 1 and drive 2. Very much like a separate backup, if one drive fails there is an exact copy that can be used immediately.

Security is a major issue on the internet nowadays. Our continuous data protection (CDP) is a high performance disk-to-disk backup service enabling disaster recovery restores. We are able to take a snapshot of the hard drive and in the event of a drive failure, or user error, provide a full restore of the disks. The CDP backup system also allows for restore of a single file, folder or database.

We have 24/7/365 server monitoring that regularly check for any problems. In the event of an outage, our 24 hour Dedicated Server experts will take immediate action to correct the problem and recover any failures.

Speed is achieved through a state of the art processor, SSD hard drives, increased RAM, storage and security to achieve optimal performance.

We are continually investing in our infrastructure and this upgrade to our core systems has been achieved with no disruption and no cost to our valuable clients.

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