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Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph story

We have just had this story published in last weeks Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph, read the story here;

'We're all on cloud nine with Skyline'

A WEBSITE development company is helping young people gain valuable experience and employment.

Skyline Internet based in Scunthorpe was founded by directors Simon Mapplethorpe and David Hamilton in 2009 and started life as a website marketing company.

Mr Mapplethorpe said: “In a very short space of time, we realised that we needed to broaden our horizons and not only offer the website marketing services, but also the design services because a lot of websites we were promoting were not up to a standard that would achieve new business.

The company was interested in employing an apprentice and after discussions with NLT Training, they sourced various candidates that they thought were suitable for the role.

Starting 45 years ago, NLT  has helped thousands of young people step into employment after school through apprenticeships.

The organisation, which is also a registered charity, helps unemployed adults to update their skills, enabling them to get back into employment.

“In January 2010 as we were still a new company with not a massive amount of money behind us, we went down the NLT route,” Mr Mapplethorpe said.

Charlotte Foster had previously studied at college but only had a limited knowledge of web design, however she showed potential for being creative and was very keen to learn more about web design and web development. “I did my apprenticeship through NLT then after a year I was taken on full-time. I did art at school and college and I was always going in a creative direction. I had no idea what to expect (from the job). We have all kind of grown together as a team. I would not have got a chance to do this job without NLT,” she said.

Six-and-a-half years later, Charlotte is now the company’s lead web developer and has proved to be a vital member of staff helping Skyline Internet to grow into the company it is today.

Lewis James, 19, has just finished his first year apprenticeship with the company and is now working full time in website programming. He is working very closely with Charlotte to enhance the development of Skyline’s website programming and functionality side of the business.

Lewis was at college and was looking for a foot in to working for a website design company and he needed an apprenticeship with a local company. He did not want to go to university or go out of town.

Lewis studied Maths, physics and IT at college.

The 19-year-old said: “The experience with live projects really motivated me the most. It was something I felt quite strongly about; getting into website design. I work with great people. I am very happy.”

Mr Mapplethorpe added: “We are currently supporting a local work experience scheme trying to help young people experience life in the workplace before they leave school. “We currently have a young man called Devon Aggett, from St Lawrence Academy in Scunthorpe,  working on a two week work experience.”

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