Work Experience 2017

This year at Skyline, we have taken on a student from the St Lawrence Academy for two weeks of work experience. Below is a post written by Luke about his two weeks here at Skyline Internet.

"My name is Luke Grice and I did my work experience here at Skyline Internet Limited. I had a very enjoyable experience while doing an array of activities from writing tweets all the way to making a fully-fledged website on the game Player Unknowns Battle Grounds (PUBG). The very first task I was set as I arrived very nervously and scared, was to create some tasks based on some of Skyline's clients such as a masseur and a telecoms company. When I had finished this task Lewis gave me the opportunity to create a website on a platform called Wordpress. I made a website on my favourite game called Player Unknowns Battle Grounds (PUBG). Also on the first day, I was shown the place where to make coffee, tea or hot chocolate :D

The next day I continued working on my website to the point that I couldn't add anything else to it. At this point, I wasn't scared and I felt welcomed to the office although I wasn't used to the working environment as it was very quiet. Throughout the second day, I got a better understanding of the company that Skyline Internet are and what they do as a team.

On the third day I was going through a website that had a bunch of grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes to allow Charlotte to change the mistakes as she was making a different website for them. 

For the rest of my work experience I was either developing my website or helping saving other things of Skyline’s clients websites to my desktop.

Throughout my work experience, I have had a lot of laughs and a lot of hot chocolate and a lot of fun a lot more than I do at school :)"

From everyone here at Skyline Internet, we thank you Luke for your hard work in the past two weeks, and hope you have enjoyed the experience.

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